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We are pleased to announce the establishment of MS Pharma, a new agglomerate of sister companies belonging to the same investor. The company is organized in four different clusters and covering all MENA region. The group is governed by an independent board of directors and has its own management team, headed by Dr. Essam Farouk as CEO, who oversees the new group’s strategic activities.

The unification of EL KENDI, UPM and the different MS Pharma new affiliates under the same platform has enabled us to unlock a wide range of synergies which have long been untapped between the affiliate companies of MS Pharma.

MS Pharma has now a larger geographic footprint and covers all the MENA Region. This gives each cluster an immediate access to new markets by offering an ideal platform for penetration within the new agglomerate.

We are also witnessing a wave of consolidation and acquisitions amongst companies in the MENA region, a trend which will only continue over the coming years. Each new affiliate will belong to its respective cluster, which is designed and structured in a way to allow maximal...

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Strategic Portfolio Focus MS Pharma strategic therapeutic focus was built based on professional scientific analysis and internatio ...
- To be and be perceived as one of the leading pharmaceutical and healthcare providers in MENA region. We believe that through the augmentation of the efforts of our partners, we will own brands that are naturally selected by customers in all markets in w
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- To enable people protect, improve and enhance their quality of lives in all markets in which we have existence. Excellence in every aspect of our work is of paramount importance because the health of our customers is our priority.
- To respect and add value to our stakeholders, customers, employees and communitie
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